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EKO Sport Canopy

When it comes to finding the perfect canopy for your ute, you want to be sure that it comes with many features and is of the highest quality! Fortunately, our Style Canopies Eko Sport Ute Canopy has been designed with quality, durability, and practicality in mind – making it one of the best NZ canopies you will find for your ute!


The EKO-Sport Ute Canopy is an innovative canopy designed to has been designed to deliver maximum performance! The canopy is durably constructed so that it can withstand anything you might need to throw at it. What’s more, canopies for your NZ Ute are incredibly versatile and come in many different shapes, sizes, and colours depending on your unique requirements. Hence, more and more Ute owners are making the switch and investing in their own Ute canopy – and this might be a viable option for you, too!


At this point, you might be wondering – do I really need an ute canopy for my vehicle? Well, the answer to this question will naturally vary from person to person. However, an ute canopy can offer a huge number of benefits. Thus, they are incredibly practical solutions for many people.

Not only do they make it easier to transport equipment and tools without having to worry about them getting lost during transit, but they also provide a waterproof barrier between your tools and equipment and the elements!
As such, it’s safe to say that ute canopies can be highly valuable – especially when we consider how rapidly the New Zealand weather can change! Fortunately, if you’ve been looking for a canopy for your ute, then our team is on hand to help you find the perfect one.

Key Features of Our EKO-Sport Ute Canopy

Our EKO Sport Ute Canopy has been designed with user requirements in mind. That’s why we’ve worked tirelessly to include a wide range of different features that make the canopy one of the most versatile solutions for your Ute!


All of our canopies are made from the highest quality materials possible, and this is also true for our Style Canopies Eko-Sport Ute Canopy. The canopy is made from top-quality materials that give it an almost unparalleled level of strength compared to other models. As well as durable construction, it also features tinted and tempered safety glass for the side windows, giving it extra safety while also making it more difficult for people to see inside your vehicle.
Moreover, the ute canopy is also finished with a smooth, high-gloss finish to ensure that it’s the perfect match for your beloved utility vehicle.


Our ute canopy is designed with durable roof rails, making it easy for you to transport anything even with the canopy fitted to the vehicle. The canopy can support up to 90kg of weight thanks to its durable and sturdy design.


The Style Canopies Eko-Sport Ute Canopy is designed to be as aerodynamic as possible, ensuring that it won’t hinder your experience while on the go. The canopy fits snugly behind the body of your car, ensuring that it doesn’t cause noticeable resistance while travelling.


Keeping your ute safe is our top priority, which is why all of our ute canopies are designed with multiple safety features. The canopy is designed with a high-grade triple lock system, ensuring that only you will be able to access the vehicle. Moreover, the tinted and tempered safety glass for the side windows further enhances security and prevents thieves and vandals from being able to see what you’ve got in the ute.


We know how important it is for your canopy to be easy to use, which is why we have implemented a slam-lock function into our Style Canopies Eko-Sport Ute Canopy range.


The Style Canopies Eko-Sport Ute Canopy is ideal for many different applications thanks to its sliding windows, allowing for easy access into the canopy. Alternatively, side-lift-up window models are also available if sliding doesn’t offer quite enough access for what you need. So, the choice is yours when it comes to which type of windows are the best fit for your ute canopy NZ.


Many ute canopies in NZ require drilling to attach to your vehicle – but this naturally is a worry for many people, since drilling holes in your ute is irreversible and can cause rust to appear and spread around drill holes. Fortunately, our Style Canopies Eko-Sport Ute Canopy is designed instead with a 6-point clamp system. This clamp system provides exceptional strength and adhesion to your vehicle without needing to drill a single hole! Full instructions for how to attach the ute canopy to your vehicle are included with the canopy itself, or our team can help install the canopy for your vehicle if you’d prefer.


A key feature that makes our unique ute canopy so great for your NZ vehicle is the ease of maintenance and cleaning. This is achieved thanks to the bright interior gel coating, which makes cleaning easier. This is further helped by the sliding windows and water drain channels, which keep the canopy in top condition for as long as possible!

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