AVENGER Steel Drawers System 250x1500mm



Steel Drawers System 250x1500mm

Twin Drawer Systems are by far the most popular choice in drawer system storage. It is widely accepted that a flattop twin drawer system, offers the most storage capacity over any other configuration, both internally and externally.

Twin drawers also offer the most flexibility and are more user friendly when you are not on that trip away. It’s about making the most of your storage selection when at home or away.

Standard Features

  • Comes with hinged side bins + 1 Pair of specific side wings.
  • Fits all recent Pick-Ups/Utes Dbl-Cabs with 1.5m Long Bed/Tub.
  • Top Floor made from 5 ply Plywood covered by a Grey Carpet.
  • Corrosion Treated.
  • Non Slip Grey Synthetic Carpet.

PRICES INCLUDING ALL ABOVE. You can choose easy self installation (fitting kit & instructions provided) or choose to have it installed by us,.

Corrosion Treatment
EDP(Electro Deposited Plating) under Toyota STD: 500 Hours salt Blast. Easy Installation.
Fit the following vehicles
  • Ford Ranger MK 3-4 (PJ-PK) / Mazda BT50 MK 1-2 dual cab
  • 2012+ Ford Ranger MK 5 (PX) / 2012+ Mazda BT50 MK 3 dual cab
  • 2012+ Isuzu D-Max MK 4 (RT50) dual cab
  • 2012+ Chevrolet/Holden Colorado MK 2 (GM700) dual cab
  • Nissan Navara (D40) dual cab
  • Nissan NP300 dual cab (Long Bed D22)
  • Mitsubishi Triton MK 6 (Long Bed/MN Triton) dual cab
  • Toyota Hilux MK 6-7-8 dual cab
  • VW Amarok Dual Cab.
World Recognised Standard
Our Steel Drawer Systems are manufactured to the highest standard and certifications to give you the best in quality and features.
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