AVENGER Super Slide


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AVENGER Super Slide gives efficiency a new meaning. It has a large drawer in the bottom and an even larger sliding tray on top.

Forget wasted time searching for items that you need, no more crawling into the back of your vehicle;

300kgs load rating... the best in the business !

Loading and unloading from your Ute tray is a breeze with the All New Super Slide. Your Super Slide will bring everything into easy reach, with its roller system using six steel roller bearings you can load and unload with ease.  Our Super Slide has managed time and time again to deliver a quality innovative and durable product at an affordable price.
Available for Pick-up Dbl-Cabs. ± 1.20m short bed: 
Available for Pick-up Dbl-Cabs. ± 1.50m long bed:

Available for Pick-up Extra-Cabs. ± 1.80m long bed:

World Recognized Standard
Our Tray Slides & UTE Drawer Systems are manufactured to the highest standard and certifications to give you the best in quality and features.
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